Tulsa Youth Cabaret Tots

Tulsa Youth Cabaret Tots: For our Beginners: Wednesdays from 5-6pm at the FlyLoft. FREE DROP INS!

Come by any Wednesday at 5pm to experience a free class! Miss Kara can get you signed up if you're interested in becoming a part of the class!

We can't forget about our future Tulsa Youth Cabaret kids! Many of them already love and have experience on the stage, but they're not quite old enough or experienced enough for Tulsa Youth Cabaret. If you have a 1st-4th grader who is interested in Musical Theater or shows a like for "the stage", then TYC TOTS if for you! Please wear comfortable clothing and dance-appropriate shoes.

Age Requirement: 1st grade or older             

Registration: Email info@TulsaYouthCabaret.org.

Dance/Vocal Instructor, Kara Staiger, . Click here to learn about our amazing Kara.

Class Time: Wednesdays from 5-6pm at the FlyLoft, 117 N. Boston Avenue.

Format: Kara, a life-long stage performer and educator, will help your children grow in singing while dancing, as is the Tulsa Youth Cabaret model :) No matter their level of experience, Kara meets your child where they are, but most importantly, by being surrounded by a group of friends learning simultaneously with you, a synergy is created that helps students grow at a faster rate than if they were learning alone. In the pattern of Tulsa Youth Cabaret and in preparation to join Tulsa Youth Cabaret, Tulsa Youth Cabaret Tots will be fully prepared to advance in the program when they are ready, which will be recommended by Tulsa Youth Cabaret director, Ashlee Elmore, when the time is right for your student.

Techniques taught: As musical theatre lends itself to singing, acting and dancing, all training at Tulsa Youth Cabaret is designed to support the learning of all three aspects of the field. 

  1. Vocal techniques taught: Vocal support, focus, breathing, projection, healthy singing habits (learning how to belt healthfully, strengthening the head voice) and ear training.
  2. Acting techniques taught: Facial and bodily expression, convincing delivery, self-awareness and confidence, commitment to the character.
  3. Dance techniques taught will be jazz, tap, ballet, modern and lyrical. 

Tuition for TYC Tots is $60 per month

At Tulsa Youth Cabaret, it is our mission for your child to receive the highest level of musical theater education possible by teaching all aspects of theatre in location. These sharpened skills will also help your child to stand out and be noticed at area auditions. TYC Tots is the perfect place to sharpen your child's singing, dancing and acting skills all in one place. Upon acceptance into the program, your student will be approved to participate in TYC for the entire school year of 2018-2019. 

Sing, Dance, Act & Play at TYC Tots! Every Wednesday from 5-6pm at the FlyLoft!

Sing, Dance, Act & Play at TYC Tots! Every Wednesday from 5-6pm at the FlyLoft!

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