Where we train & perform: FlyLoft


Our Facility at the FlyLoft

FlyLoft is a state-of-the-art facility utilized by Tulsa-area performing arts organizations who desire to have access to training facilities akin to what one would think you would only be able to find in a major metropolis. Located in Tulsa’a Arts District (formerly knows as Brady Arts District), the FlyLoft is made possible through the generosity of the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Each studio space has elevated, architecturally beautiful ceilings in large spaces, boasting over 2,000 square of space each, with sprung dance floors surrounded by mirrors, equipped with a magnificent sound system which can play music from any device, with capabilities for microphone inputs. For more information about the FlyLoft, visit their website here.


TYC Tots

Miss Kara teaches her class the fundamentals of singing and dancing.


TYC Advanced and Intermediate Classes

TYC Members enjoying our gorgeous facilities at the FlyLoft.