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There are many ways to teach a group of kids who aren't quite sure about tapping to open up and get comfortable so they're easily prepared to dance to complicated musical theater numbers in the future. A lot of kids who are in musicals don't attend extra dance classes, so even if they have a natural ability to move and learn, they're not learning the technical and even historical aspects of dance. TYC teaches tap, jazz, ballet and modern dance, which are the main types of dance performed in 


Conservatory Classes

Triple Threat Training in One Location

Sure, many of our students take singing, acting and dance lessons, but they're separate elements that are rarely taught in conjunction, so the practical application part is easily lost if they're not regularly exercising those skills at the same time. At Tulsa Youth Cabaret, it is our pride to provide you triple threat training in every class. Not only are our classes designed to complement your child's current theater schedules by ensuring rehearsals and performances don't conflict with local theater schedules, but our classes are designed for MUSICAL THEATRE STUDENTS. No longer is it necessary to go to a dance studio to take a class on an individual technique where you're only dancing and not singing, but instead keep sharpened and grow in EVERY musical theater dance technique you will use through the course of your life by becoming a triple threat at Tulsa Youth Cabaret. Learn about our students here. Those who are accepted into the program will be recommended for Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Musical Theater and those in the top tier are recommended for either Intermediate or Advanced Premier MasterClass.

About our Staff

Tulsa Youth Cabaret instructors are real-life performers and educators. With each of them possessing a masters degree in their respective fields, TYC students receive the absolute, top-of-the-line, applicable training available to them in the Tulsa area. 

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Placement in classes is determined by audition. To submit a video audition, email it to info@TulsaYOuthCabaret.org

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