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PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY: There are only 100 seats at each performance! Performances at: FlyLoft 117 N. Boston Ave. General Admission Tickets are $10 each for kids and adults. VIP Front Row Tickets are $20. "Shipping fee" represents an online handling fee. You will not receive paper tickets. The purchaser's name will be on a list at the door. 

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Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Welcome to a life changing experience!

We could not be happier to announce that the time has finally come for children in Oklahoma to get their OWN production of Beauty and the Beast! Beauty and the Beast Jr., presented by one of Tulsa's leading youth musical theatre educational organizations, Tulsa Youth Cabaret, produces shows that focus on the educational components of theatre, preparing students with knowledge, preparation and power for ANYTHING they want to do in the future with musical theatre! Enrollment in the musical is open to any 5-15 year old in Oklahoma, with the first rehearsal on Monday August 12 at the Flyloft located at 117 N. Boston Avenue in downtown's Tulsa's beautiful Tulsa Arts District. Tulsa Youth Cabaret's production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. is presented in partnership with and licensed by Musical Theatre International in New York, New York. Keep reading to learn more! 

note: Tuition is $260 for 9-15 year olds and $160 for 5-8 year olds. Tuition is due in full no later than August 12. 

About our Staff

Tulsa Youth Cabaret instructors are real-life performers and educators. With five masters and bachelors degrees collectively  in their fields, TYC students receive the absolute, top-of-the-line, applicable training available to them in the Tulsa area. 

Beauty and the Beast Information

Please read thoroughly!

Below is the same information that was on the Facebook event,  click the following shortcuts to:

Enroll here

Pay tuition here

Please note, your spot will not be secured until tuition has been submitted

AUDITIONS: EVERYONE is welcome to enroll and will not have to audition to be admitted into the production. At the second rehearsal, however, auditions will be held to assign parts within the cast, consisting of song and dialogue snippets provided at the first rehearsal on August 12. Whether your child is experienced in musical theatre or wanting to try it out for the first time, there will be a place for them as the roles vary from singing ensemble to The Beast!

WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: We are looking forward to seeing the young MALE talent out there! This is SUCH a fantastic opportunity to have the chance to play some of the most iconic roles in musical theatre like the Beast, Gaston, LeFou and Belle's father, Maurice! Young women will also have many small and large roles to have the chance at, including Belle, Mrs. Potts, Babette and Madame de la Grande Bouche! Oh what a dream!

ENROLLMENT CAP: Enrollment is already filling up, so due to high demand, enrollment is first come, first served and needs to be done as soon as possible to secure your spot at this link:

Unfortunately we will have to cap the enrollment at 60 participants, so do not wait! 


Schedule for Monday August 12:

4:30-5pm 5-8 year old rehearsal                                                         

5-6pm ALL PARENT INFORMATIONAL MEETING                           

6-7PM 9-15 year old rehearsal             

For all those who have reserved their spot and submitted tuition, we will go back over all of the information listed here and give you time to ask questions at the parent meeting.

Regular Rehearsal Schedule:

5-8 YEAR OLDS: 4:30-5pm *Mondays through December 9. Tulsa Youth Cabaret Tots, the name for this special group of tiny singers and dancers, will have a blast learning two of our main production numbers, singing and dancing alongside the older kids at the show! This is the perfect introduction to being on stage or for improving your stage skills if your young child already has experience.

Note: On December 2 & 9, TOTS will attend rehearsal from 5-7pm so they can put their numbers together with the older kids!

9-15 YEAR OLDS: 5-7pm every *Monday from August 12 through December 9.

*Please make note, rehearsals will be on Wednesdays instead of Mondays the following dates: 10/16, 10/23/, 10/30 and 11/6, at the same above-listed times. All rehearsals are mandatory, except with special permission, for which you will be able to list your conflicts ahead of time on the enrollment form. Major conflicts may affect the casting of your child in a lead role, considering the importance of being present to learn all that is required.

There will be no rehearsal:

Monday September 2 due to Labor Day

Monday November 25 due to Thanksgiving Break


Location: FlyLoft


Saturday December 14 1 & 3pm (TWO SHOWS)

Monday December 16 at 6pm

These dates have been specifically designed to not conflict with local show schedules, including Christmas Carol. 

Please thoroughly check your calendar to make sure you are available for each of those dates before you enroll, as we will not be able to accommodate children who have to miss a performance.

Check out our state-of-the-art training and performing facility here!:


Because we want any and every child who is interested in Beauty and the Beast Jr. to be able to participate, tuition is $260, including the cost of all materials*! 

Tuition for 5-8 year olds, Tulsa Youth Cabaret Tots, is $160, including all materials! 

*Because costs for facilities, materials and instructional assistance are based on our enrollment numbers the first day, there are no refunds if your child finds themselves in a situation where they have to drop out of the production, so please check your calendars carefully for rehearsal and show dates before you enroll.

T-shirts will be a separate cost of $15, which you will receive a notification when to send the money with your child. You will indicate your child's t-shirt size on the enrollment form for Beaty and the Beast Jr. You will also need to provide simple costume elements for your child.

PRACTICING AT HOME: We schedule our rehearsals for only two hours a week so that your participation is not time-consuming and does not conflict with other local theatre schedules. In order for things to move along as scheduled, the cast will receive directions before they leave rehearsal each week as to what they need to practice at home to be ready for the next week's rehearsal, as is required for any production. If your child is involved in other productions, they can still be involved in ours. We have vigorously checked local theatre and school schedules to provide a very easy and non-conflicting rehearsal and performance schedule.

WHAT OUR PRODUCTIONS LOOK LIKE: Although showy sets, costumes and props can make a show look GREAT, at Tulsa Youth Cabaret, we feel more times than not, those elements actually take away from the quality of the singing and dancing, as kids fight large costumes they didn't have enough time to rehearse in and props they don't quite have a handle on yet. All in all, its cute, but never gives kids the chance to truly focus on the singing and dancing, which is the educational goal.

That is why we eliminate sets and do CONCERT VERSIONS of shows with added choreography and staging, something you will see commonly done in big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. This creates a more open environment where your child can focus all of their attention on the crafts of singing and dancing and allow our production staff to be solely focused on their education, undistracted. Your child will learn technical terminologies for the dancing, singing and acting techniques they are learning so they can be prepared for their future in musical theatre and stand out in a crowded field at industry auditions and in the future productions they are a part of. Because of our cutting-edge approach, our students end up presenting shows where they look AND sound phenomenally. Additionally, our students are landing lead roles all over the state because of this training. An opportunity to grow in the foundations of musical theatre and expand their knowledge is an opportunity musical theatre students desperately need to not only be successful on stage, but in life! 

Here is a video sample of our unique approach, showing you how a simple uniform and a bare stage can make ALL the difference in the end-quality of a production. Note: Beauty and Beast Jr. will be more heavily choreographed than this, but at a level that suits the age group, of course. You must watch it!:

In addition to the uniform, actors will wear a costume piece that signifies their character.

ENROLL & SUBMIT TUITION BY SCROLLING DOWN THIS PAGE or click the following shortcuts:

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Pay tuition here

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our production team

Kia Hightower, Director


This community is fortunate to have the talents and experience that KIA HIGHTOWER will be bringing to this production. Kia is a powerhouse and magician when it comes to kids. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and runs the Speech & Drama Deparment at Glenpool High School, where she has co-produced The Little Mermaid and Grease and additionally just finished a successful summer run as Theatre Education Coordinator with Theatre Tulsa, overseeing Aladdin Jr. and Rent School Edition. If you haven't seen Kia on stage in local productions of Almost Maine, Neat, Ragtime, Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play or directing one of your kids, you have probably seen her on your computer screen acting in commercials and films, where she is signed with Magna Talent Agency! Kia is also an Orbit Educator for the Orbit Initiative. 

Ashlee Elmore, Executive Producer


Since her time in Tulsa, Ashlee Elmore has become known as one of the top theatre and music educators in the area. Ashlee holds Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Music Education. Not only did she found Tulsa Youth Cabaret in 2017, directing its six shows helping TYC sing in front of over 30,000 people at concerts and public events, she has also been the music director for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Lion King Jr., Annie Jr. Elf Jr. and Christmas Carol, locally. Ashlee's time as a music educator for the last 18 years provides a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched. Best yet, she states "It is imperative that my educational experiences are provided in a warm, positive and calm environment. We want our shows to look good, but NEVER at the expense of our students' well-being".  Some of her acting credits including Laurey in Oklahoma, Rose in Bye Bye Birdie and Madeleine True in Wild Party. Ashlee is looking forward to serving solely in an executive role for Beauty and the Beast, providing all oversight of the production and staff. 

Please complete this form to enroll then keep scrolling down this page to sumbit tuition:


9-15 year old tuition-please include student’s name

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This includes all materials, except for t-shirt and costume piece


TYC TOTS 5-8 year old tuition-please include student’s name

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This includes all materials, except for t-shirt and costume piece

Tulsa Youth Cabaret Members tap to Justin Timberlake

There are many ways to teach a group of kids who aren't quite sure about tapping to open up and get comfortable so they're easily prepared to dance to complicated musical theater numbers in the future. A lot of kids who are in musicals don't attend extra dance classes, so even if they have a natural ability to move and learn, they're not learning the technical and even historical aspects of dance. TYC teaches tap, jazz, ballet and modern dance, which are the main types of dance performed in