beauty and the Beast Jr.

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Saturday December 13 1pm

Saturday December 13 3pm

Monday December 16 6pm

Monday December 16 7:30pm


Tulsa Youth Cabaret Performs at Tulsa Oilers

Tulsa Youth Cabaret performed the Star Spangled Banner at the Tulsa Oilers! What a fun night! Thank you to the BOK Center, and the Tulsa Oilers for your hospitality and for trusting us to provide the National Anthem for such an important game to over 8,000 people! Congratulations to the members of Tulsa Youth Cabaret for such a heart-warming and successful first appearance of the year! 

Tulsa Youth Cabaret: Training the triple threat



Tulsa Youth Cabaret is a program created to help youth that are passionate about musical theatre to further reach their dreams of one day ending up on broadway by having the highest level of training possible in the disciplines of singing, dancing and acting. Guided by top educators in the field, TYC members are taught technical elements of singing to ensure they achieve vocal growth and maintain healthy vocal practices. 



Being trained by Kara Staiger, one of the top in the industry, TYC students receive dance training to prepare them for the on-stage moments. Students learn technical names for the moves they are taught and are prepared to be successful in auditions and on-stage.



One of the most rewarding elements of being a musical theater performer is the ability to connect with audiences while singing. Tulsa Youth Cabaret programming doesn't just allow your child to sing and dance, instead it provides crucial instruction in aiding students in connecting with themselves and audience members in their performing to pave the way for unwavering confidence that causes your child to be recognized as a leading performer in all their endeavors on stage.

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